• Rome

    Café degliScavi

    A pearl inside the evocative Ostia Antica Archaeological Park. Let yourself be captivated by a menu whose roots come from the culinary history of our beloved Capital, You’ll feel at home.

  • Taormina


    A stone's throw away from Taormina Ancient Theatre rises the Belvedere Cafè. A wide dehors and terrace overlook the wonderful city of Taormona, Mount Etna and the sea.

  • Syracuse

    Momento Cafè

    In this place in perfect harmony with nature and history you’ll be able to take a break. Get comfortable, listen to the sounds of Nature and delight your palate.

  • Syracuse

    Momento forArt

    Inside the Ancient Market of Ortigia is Momento for Art, a space dedicated to all those who want a taste of culture in all its forms.

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  • Syracuse


    With a view on the Roman Amphitheatre and the Altar of Hieron, the cafè is characterised by a building in dialogue with the surrounding architecture with a wide open air outdoor dehors.

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  • Syracuse


    A large panoramic window overlooking the Ear of Dionysius and the Latomie of Paradise in the Neapolis Archaeological Park. A unique venue where Sicily’s culinary traditions meet history.

The perfect combination


All our businesses rise in location with inestimable historical value. Momento: genuine ingredients, special moments.


The research of raw material, the selection of local products, the care we put into manufacturing our ingredients, vouch for the quality we wish to bring in the kitchen as much as in the plates.


Our chefs have been working for years in the food service’s field, national and international. Choosing to eat with us means relying on the skillful hands of those who work to satisfy people’s palates since the beginning.


Respect for the land is our strength. For this reason in our menus you can find traditional dishes and wines. Because history is not only in places, but in flavours as well.


Savour History

Gift yourself with a moment of taste admiring the most beautiful historical places.

Ancient Market of Ortigia

Via Emmanuele de Benedictis, 96100 Syracuse

Art of food. Food of the mind. A syncretism of unique elements to savor together.

Ostia Antica

Viale dei Romagnoli, 717, 00119 Rome RM

Delight your walks during a visit at Ostia Antica Archaeological Park in Cafè degli Scavi

Neapolis Archaeological Park

Via Paradiso, 14 96100 - Syracuse (SR)

Neapolis Archeological Park is a natural area full of finds from various historical eras of Syracuse’s history.

Taormina Ancient Theatre

Via del Teatro Greco, 1 98039 - Taormina (ME)

Taormina, Pearl of the Ionian Sea, it’s one of the places where modern élite tourism was born. Here nature, art and history encounter: the beauty of the landscape combines with the memory of all Mediterranean cultures.

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Where to find us


They say about us

  • An evocative restaurant located in a one of a kind contest, with direct view on the Latomie. The maitre Claudio was flawless and suggested us an excellent red wine from the Etna. Wonderful traditional dishes from Sicily and Lazio, we’ll be back for dinner

  • The price is normal, it is really the same as you eat in any touristic area. The waiters are very nice and knowledgeable as well as enthusiastic in giving suggestions. When it comes to quality of food, it is also very good. I have no complain.

  • We enjoyed a moment of relaxation with a wonderful view, delicious arancini and an excellent Negroni prepared by the Barman Cristian!

  • A fantastic restaurant submerged in one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of Rome. Ostia Antica is something magical and eating here it’s the perfect conclusion or beginning of a day inside history. The dishes of the chef are as divine as the location. I’ll surely come back and I suggest it to all those who wish to try something really delicious without ruining the day


We are waiting for you

Would you like to reserve a special dinner? Organise an unforgettable event? Whatever you need, contact us, we’ll try to accommodate all your requests!


Momento FourRooms

An extraordinary building close to Neapolis Archaeological Area. Sojourning here means living the story and traditions of Syracuse fully.

1Hieron II